Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yes, this was a training ride.

Yesterday I got one of my father's day gifts.  A long bike ride.  This is my longest training ride by far.

Yes, that says 112.2 miles.  Even my tri club friends are questioning my sanity with 62 days to go until Mont-Tremblant.   Short answer is, I needed to know I could do it before the Ironman race.

We started on a club ride with 8 of us and a pretty good pace.  Each lead out held a respectable 22-23 mph.  We did that for a few hours and people slowly dropped off and headed home.  The last guy gave up at 76 miles.  I told him I was going to try for 100, but hey if you go 100 you may as well go 112.

I had already done a marathon and swam 2.4 miles last year so those were mentally in the bag, but I had never done a 112 mile ride.  So mentally that one is in the bag as well.

Now I just need to do all 3 in one day!

Oh, and I got these for father's day gifts as well.

Best Fathers Day EVER!

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  1. WOW!! I did 110 over the weekend and it was hot and windy. From the looks of things, you had a better ride than I did :)

    Hang on a second, is that a new truck?? :)